BAST Framework

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About Bast

Bast is a Simple and Elegant Framework. The main aim of Bast is to create an enjoyable and creative Experience for Developers. Bast attempts to take the pain out of development by making common tasks used in the majority of web projects easy. Bast is aimed to be platform Independent and it’s core Language is Python. Uses Python 3.*


To install Bast, you can download it easily from Pypi using

$ pip install Bast

Bast comes bundled with a very powerful CLI tool called panther. To show the available commands, use

$ panther --help

To create a setup a new project, use

$ panther new project_name
$ cd project
$ panther run

To visit the website and see if it’s setup successfully, visit in your browser


Bast Routing is now relatively simple and much more easy to use. It embodies the way and manner Laravel defines it’s URL’s but instead of the @ symbol, Bast makes use of the . You do not need to import your controller again

from bast import Route

route = Route()
route.get(url='/', controller='ExampleController.index')

Bast Controllers are Python Classes which inherit from the Bast Controller Class. Using panther create:controller ControllerName creates a controller file in the controller package. To render template in controller, use self.view('template.html', args=None) where the args is a Dictionary object and optional

from bast import Controller

class TestController(Controller):
    def index(self):

To run your app use

$ panther run


$  Majiyagbe Oluwole


$ Majiyagbe Oluwole
$ Azeez Abiodun Solomon


This Framework is Licensed under MIT License


Bast runs on the Tornado HTTP Server.

For templating, Bast makes use of the Jinja Templating Engine.

Eloquent Object Relation Mapping is achieved using Orator ORM