Bast is a Simple and Elegant Framework. The main aim of Bast is to create an enjoyable and creative Experience for Developers. Bast attempts to take the pain out of development by making common tasks used in the majority of web projects easy. Bast is aimed to be platform Independent and it’s core Language is Python. Uses Python 3.*

Bast is heavily based on the Tornado Web Framework as it makes use of the Tornado HTTP Server so most of the methods from Tornado are overriden in Bast. They all perform the same function more or less. Taking the complete advantage of Tornado’s asynchronous and non blocking network IO, Bast has eliminated most of the complexities inherent in Tornado making it so much more easier and simpler to make use of

Orator ORM is used to handle the Object Relational Mapping aspect of Bast. Visit Orator ORM’s website for it’s full documentation

Jinja Templating is used to handle the View Aspect of the Framework